Some FREE Anti-Malware programs for WINDOWS Computers:



Just click on the icons to download and install.

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AdwCleaner.exe (Adware Cleaner) from is a FREE program for WINDOWS XP/Vista/7/8/10. The author is ToolsLib.

This is a really great program that I normally install on all of my client Windows computers. It only takes a few minutes to scan your computer for malicious software.

Launch the program and click on the
Accept button (only on the first launch to accept the license agreement) then click on the Scan button to scan your computer. When finished, click on the Clean button to remove the malware found. It will require a reboot of your computer to complete the cleaning. On reboot, a report will be presented, take a look and close the report. The report will show as a file on your desktop; you don’t need to keep it. Note: If, on launch, you get a message indicating you are not running the latest version, just click the Cancel button and the Scan window will appear.
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JRT.exe (Junkware Removal Tool) from Malwarebytes is a FREE program for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.

This is another great program from that I also install on all of my client Windows computers. It is very fast and simple to use. Launch the program and it will check for updates and then open a simple black DOS-like window. The text in the window is just to let you know that if you run the program you do so at your own risk and if you want to continue…just click on any key. So…just press any key on your keyboard and sit back for a minute or two. You don’t need to make any decisions here, just let it run and it will remove whatever malware it finds and then present a report on the screen.

I usually run AdwCleaner first and then run JRT afterwards. What I’ve found is that AdwCleaner does a really good job finding and removing malware but sometimes leaves some files behind. Running JRT afterwards often finds those additional files and folders and removes them.
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RKILL.exe (Rogue Killer) from BleepingComputer is a FREE program for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.

If you do get infected by a virus, some are really tricky and will launch when you start your computer doing all manner of nasty things. One thing that some viruses do is attempt to protect themselves by hijacking your Internet connection to prevent you from updating your Anti-Virus software.

If you are experiencing weird things on your computer and have trouble getting to websites, run RKILL. It looks at all of the things going on up in memory to try and identify malicious activity and shut it down. When it’s finished, it puts up a message indicating you should be able to work properly now. Once you get that message, update your anti-virus program…you DO HAVE an active Anti-Virus program don’t you? Then run a scan. And don’t forget to run AdwCleaner and JRT too.
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ComboFix.exe (ComboFix) by sUBs and from is a FREE program for Windows XP/Vista/7/8. IT WON’T RUN UNDER WINDOWS 10.

I’m a bit torn on putting this one out there because it is VERY, VERY powerful and you don’t get to make any decisions; it just runs through your programs and files and deletes all of the items it deems to be malicious. You REALLY, REALLY MUST BE SURE YOUR IMPORTANT FILES ARE BACKED UP BEFORE RUNNING THIS PROGRAM!!!!

When you launch it, it just runs through over 50 steps checking for and deleting malware it may find on your computer.