Coronavirus Statement, Policies and Procedures for Bourdage Consulting

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The coronavirus pandemic is affecting the entire world and has spread to every state and territory within the United States. It is spreading very rapidly and adequate wide-spread testing is still not available so we don’t really know how bad it really is at this moment. All we do know is that more people are testing positive and for some people, this disease is fatal. These are difficult times for everyone as we are forced to change our daily lives to protect ourselves and those around us.

Some individuals are more susceptible to serious consequences of the Covid-19 disease than others and this includes the elderly, those with heart and lung disease, cancer, diabetes and other diseases or treatments that compromise their immune systems. We must all work to protect the most vulnerable among us.

Both my wife and I fall into the high-risk category because we are both over 65 and are Type-2 diabetics. As such, we have to take precautions to limit our exposure to others who may be shedding the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes the Covid-19 disease.

As such, until further notice, I will be limiting my onsite repair work and instituting other policies as enumerated below.
New Policies and Procedures
Phone Support
If you have any issues or questions, call me any time on my cell phone at 817-994-7111. Many calls for support are free of charge. I only institute charges on support calls lasting more than 15 minutes.
On-site Diagnostics and Repairs
Until further notice, I will not enter homes or businesses to perform on-site repairs until I can acquire an appropriate protective mask. At the moment, those are in short supply and I haven’t been able to obtain one.
Remote Support
I can remotely connect to Windows and Macintosh computers that are still running and able to connect to the Internet. I use a program called Logmein Rescue to do this. Call me while in front of your computer to assist with my connecting to your computer. I will direct you to a website where I give you a 6-digit code that allows you to download and install a program that makes the connection.

I get access to your computer just as though I were sitting in front of it. It protects both of us, and it saves you time and money. You don't have to wait for me to get to you. You also won't be paying a trip fee.

It does require you to be at your computer for parts of the repair process. During some repair procedures, the computer must reboot, and you may need to log back into the computer for me to reconnect. Also, during installs of some programs or updates, messages may appear on the screen that I can't see that is requesting some action on your part.

I can set the program to remember the connection, so I can log into the computer when you are not there (as long as it is on and connected to the Internet, and you have given permission). I have several customers set up that way so I can log into their computers after their close of business to run diagnostics and install updates.

If you have any questions about this, call me.
Physical Repair - Pickup and Delivery
We can arrange for my picking up your computer and working on it at my office. Normally, I would enter your home or business, disconnect the computer and carry it out. Under the current circumstances, we can arrange a specific time where I can have you unplug your computer and set it outside your door as I arrive to pick it up. Similarly, I can deliver it back to your door when repairs are completed.